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Tatjana has been a local for most of her life, she moved from Rockhampton, QLD when she was only 3. Tatjana found her first full time job straight out of high school in a Accounting firm. After going on maternity leave she thought that now would be a better time then any to branch out and start a different career.

Tatjana first began in our office in 2012 as a Salespersons Personal Assistant. From there, she shifted to part time in Rentals wanting learning from the bottom up, as Sales and Rentals has so many different aspects. Tatjana has now been working full time as a Property Manager Assistant and Administrator for quite some time now. She says, "Every day brings all different scenarios and most defiantly gets the blood pumping for the fast paced environment. I wouldn't have it any other way - a fast day is a great day."

Outside of work Tatjana is a mum and a wife. She spends as much time with the family going on walks to parks, playing and mucking around, drawing and doing crafts and enjoying a good socialise to the events they cater and attend.

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