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Looking to Vacate

What forms do I need?

General Vacate at Lease End

Notice-of-Intention-to-Leave |  It is required under Legislation that at least 2 weeks’ notice be given prior to the end of the lease from a Tenant.

Breaking a Lease

Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy  |  If you are vacating in advance of any lease end date this form must be completed and associated fees paid.  Please call your Property Manager for clarification on this process and for a form to be emailed for completion.

When breaking a lease, you are still required to pay rent to the day a new tenant moves in or the end of the lease (whichever is the sooner) as well as any out of pocket expenses for the Owner.

A Leasebreak situation works best when the Agent and the Tenant have a clear understanding of the requirements and the processes.

Excellent presentation is a must to attract that replacement sooner than later.

A Pre-Vacate can be conducted at the time you leave, however you are still responsible for the ongoing mowing or final top up clean, at commencement of the new tenancy.

Stay in touch with your Property Manager during this process and assist them as much as you can so the outcome is best for all involved.

I’m on a Periodical Lease

You are still required to give the 2 weeks’ written notice of your intention to vacate as noted above.

Final Inspection Time

Once keys are returned to our office on the day of vacating, we will conduct a Final Inspection within the 3 days legislated turnaround.  If you wish to be present for this inpsection, please make sure you request a time with your Property Manager giving at least 5 days notice in advance.

In your Vacate Pack, you will receive instructions for vacating the property as well as aCleaning & Vacating Checklist.

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Property Details

Vacating Details