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Renting Financials

How do I pay my Rent?

When securing your tenancy, you will be required to complete an application.  Once this is approved, you are required to present yourself in person, at our office, for a Tenancy Induction.

You will need to allow approximately 45 minutes for this process.  We go through the legal requirements for the tenancy as well as how to mitigate any risk to yourselves and the Owners, reporting of issues, routine inspections, how to care for the property and and finally how to settle in and love your new home.

We will at this time also cover the expectations upon vacating so everything Cleaning & Vacating Checklist.

At this time you will be required to pay your Bond and Rent (at least 2 weeks commencement) which must be in cleared funds and we are a Cash Free office.

We utilise the services of Simplerentto assist our Tenants and provide a transparent payment system for all monies including Rent, Water Charging, Bond, Invoices etc.

During your tenancy we also conduct a Water Management Process which allows for a budget friendly and transparent invoicing for water usage if applicable.

Please refer to yourRTA 17A pocket GUIDE should you have any questions during your tenancy at any time.

We will forward a rental ledger to you at any time when requested.